COVID-19 Coronavirus – HardCore Electronics’ information

We are deemed an essential service business as we perform electronic repair services, supply and distribution of electronic and electrical parts, electronic cleaning and disinfecting chemical products and other chemicals used in commercial/industrial, medical, automotive and consumer electronics maintenance and repair.  We will help everyone that arrives in need of parts, supplies or repairs.  Keep in mind we are limited on prioritizing service requests at this time.

Online orders (soon to have working… noted April 20th) and Curbside pickup and drop off is available. Please Call us at 226-272-1100

Please check before entry, 1 customer at a time in the store. Please stand by outside or in your vehicle until someone departs as we are respecting the person to person distancing as best as possible within while helping protect our customers and our selves by frequently sanitizing our facility and handling of repairs coming in and out.

Payments: We accept cash however encourage the use of tap debit and credit cards (Even through the window!), E-Transfers and Paypal ( for curbside pickup and online orders. Credit Cards and supported debit cards may be communicated over the phone.


Why the hours change?

There has been a significant shift in the time of day (since ~ March 20th) when we get busy with customer traffic on all levels. Our AM customer interactive business has dropped almost completely out of sight and the afternoons have been much busier towards the end of our open hours rushed right to the last minute with particularly phone calls. For now… This will allow us more time to fulfill repairs, online order requests and time for administrative requirements. Hopefully we will be able to return to normal operating hours by the end of May, 2020.