An electronic parts store and repair shop all in one!

Hardcore Electronics’ is a growing business since 2017 and we supply electronic parts and electronic supplies for just about anything that you have the need for.  With an ever growing inventory we attempt to meet the requirements to build the local go-to shop where knowledgeable and helpful members of the electronics community are there to help and understand the needs of our customers.

If the component you need is obsolete, we often have it or a substitute for it.  We also search parts warehouses and other shops around the world for a replacement or substitution.

Electronic Repair Services

    • Audio Amplifiers and Receivers
    • Musician electronic musical and staging sound equipment
    • Solid State and Tube Guitar Amplifiers
    • Industrial and Commercial Electronics
    • Circuit Board Repair!
    • Spa & Hot Tub control boards
    • Major Appliance Electronic clock control boards (Oven, Range, Induction, Refrigerator, Freezers, Microwaves etc)
    • Furnace/AC Control boards and electronic Thermostats
    • Other electronics ranging From a limited amount of Automotive to Agricultural, Construction equipment to municipal and utility electronic devices.

…we’ve got you covered!

Electronics Engineering:
Custom Electronic Circuit Design, manufacturing and “re-run” manufacturing (remaking or reproduction of the obsolete or discontinued) of electronic devices, custom cables and adapters.

See our Service page where you can create a service request or look up service tickets you may have open with us.