413B-1L Heavy Duty Flux Remover 945mL (31.9 fl oz) Liquid Can


MG Chemicals heavy duty flux remover 945mL (31.9 fl oz) Liquid Can

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413B – Heavy Duty Flux Remover

The 413B Heavy Duty Flux Remover is specially formulated to dissolve and remove the most stubborn, encrusted, hard, baked-on fluxes and residues left on parts after soldering. It penetrates quickly to remove non-ionic and ionic contaminants left on the non-component side of circuit boards. It can also work aggressively on isolated and hard to reach areas requiring spot cleaning. It is offered in aerosol and liquid formats.

Benefits and Features Applications Removes
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Quickly dissolves burnt on flux
  • Fast dry time
  • Zero residue
  • CARB Compliant (Categories & Limit: Electronic Cleaners 75%)
  • Maintenance and repair operations
  • Prototyping
  • Maker projects
  • Small production runs
  • Lead free soldering
  • Rosin / non-rosin fluxes
  • No-clean fluxes
  • Ionic / non-ionic residues
Catalog Number Sizes Available Packaging
413B-425G 498 mL (16.8 fl oz) Aerosol
413B-1L 945 mL (31.9 fl oz) Can
413B-20L 18.9 L (5.0 gal) Pail