413C-1L Heavy Duty Flux Remover 945mL (31.9 fl oz) Liquid Bottle


MG Chemicals heavy duty flux remover 945mL (31.9 fl oz) Liquid Bottle

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413C – Heavy Duty Flux Remover

413C Heavy Duty Flux Remover is specially formulated to dissolve and remove the most stubborn, encrusted, hard, baked-on fluxes and residues left on parts after soldering. It penetrates quickly to remove non-ionic and ionic contaminants left on the non-component sides of circuit boards. It can also work aggressively on isolated and hard-to-reach areas that require spot cleaning. It is also available in aerosol format.
413C is the best flux cleaner for removing rosin, non-rosin and no-clean fluxes, and both non-ionic and ionic contamination. For plastics-safe versions, try 4050A or 4140A flux removers.

Features & Benefits

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Quickly dissolves burnt-on flux
  • Fast dry time
  • Zero residue
Catalog Number Net Weight Net Volume Packaging
413C-1L 793 g 945 mL Bottle
413C-20L 15.8 kg 18.9 L Pail